Kachhe Kele Aur Paneer Ke Kofte
Cuisine: Indian
  • 3 Raw Bananas (300 gms)
  • 180 gms Paneer (Cottage Cheese)
  • 1-inch Ginger root-finely chopped
  • 2 Green Chilies-finely chopped
  • 1-tbsp roasted Peanut-coarsely crushed
  • 2-tbsp fresh Coriander Leaves-finely chopped
  • 2 tbsp Barnyard millet flour/Water Chestnut flour/Buckwheat Flour
  • 1-tsp Rock Salt
  • Cooking Oil
  1. We will start with steam cooking raw plantain. We will show you two distinct methods to steam plantain. In first method, I will be steaming one plantain in Microwave. Take a Microwave safe bowl with a lid. Ensure raw plantain is wet. Now put it in the bowl and cover with the lid. Cook in Microwave for 3-4 mins. Cover the Microwave safe bowl with the lid and place it at center of glass tray.
  2. a) Mode: - Micro b) Power: High (900W) c) Timer: 4 mins d) Press Start. * Cook Covered
  3. In second method, we will use a steamer plate and steam on a gas stove. This plate has multiple small pores. Cut the ends of plantain and chop into 2 pieces. Place on the steamer plate. We will steam these plantains now on Gas Stove. Now for the second method, allow the water to come to the boil. Lower the steamer plate in the vessel. Cover the vessel and steam until plantains are cooked. We have steamed Plantains for 10 mins on medium heat. The color of plantain has changed and it has become soft. Remove from heat and allow it to cool down completely.
  4. We have steamed Plantains by two different methods and it has come down to room temperature now. Let's Peel the skin. Peels are coming off easily.
  5. Now mash plantains. We can use a potato masher or even a grater to grate and mash. Mash to get rid of all the lumps. Now add Paneer. Crumble and mix with mashed plantains.
  6. Now add chopped Coriander leaves, chilies, chopped Ginger, coarsely crushed peanuts. Add Rock Salt. You can replace rock salt with table salt if you prefer. Now add Amaranth flour. You can replace this with Buckwheat flour (Kuttu), water chetsnut flour (Singhara). It provides binding to Koftas. Mix well and make it into a dough.
  7. Dough is now ready. Take a small portion of dough and roll into small lemon sized kofta. We will be deep frying the Koftas.
  8. Let's now make some Tikkis that we will be cooking in grill mode in microwave in less oil. Take a large portion of dough. Roll it into a ball and press to form tikkis. Roll the sides. If you so not want to use Microwave, these tikkis can also be shallow fried in a pan.
  9. We will grill tikkis in a microwave. Take a metal high rack and a tawa. These can be safely used in grill mode of Oven. Grease Tawa with some Oil. Place Tikkis on Tawa and apply some Oil on Tikkis. Let's keep these tikkis in Oven.
  10. Place high rack, tawa with the tikkis in the Oven
  11. a) Mode: Grill b) Timer: 10 mins (one side). Flip after 10 mins and cook from other side for 4 mins. Press Start
  12. Let's now see how to deep fry Kofta balls. We can make almost 20-25 koftas in these measurements. Heat Oil for deep frying. Ensure Oil is not too hot. It must be heated on medium heat and fry Koftas on low heat.
  13. Lower heat and fry Koftas on reduced heat until it becomes golden brown in color. If Oil is too hot, Koftas will become brown quickly but won't get cooked. On the other hand, if Oil is not sufficiently hot, Koftas will spread. Remember heat Oil on medium and fry Koftas on low.
  14. Koftas have just changed its color. We will fry for few more mins on low heat. We have fried koftas on low heat for 3 mins, and they are now ready. Remove from Oil.
  15. Similarly make remaining Koftas
  16. Kachhe Kele Aur Paneer Ke Kofte and the Tikkis are ready to serve
Recipe by Kali Mirch - by Smita at https://kalimirchbysmita.com/kachhe-kele-aur-paneer-ke-kofte/