How to Boil Eggs Perfectly
  • 3 Eggs
  • 1 tbsp Vinegar
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • Water to Boil Eggs and Cold water to refresh Eggs
  1. We will need following: - A Sauce Pan, Water, Salt, Vinegar and Eggs. Place the Eggs in the Pan. Pour enough water on Eggs so that it gets submerged in water
  2. Here's a quick tip to check freshness of Eggs. If Eggs sink in water, then its fresh. Stale Eggs are more buoyant and it floats on top of water. Add Salt and Vinegar and gently mix. Let's put this pan on heat
  3. Cover with a lid and allow water to heat up on medium heat. If you are wondering why we added Salt and Vinegar in water. Adding Salt and Vinegar ensures that white shell remains firm and crack free while boiling. Also this shell comes out very easily while peeling off
  4. Water begins to boil in about 5 mins. Turn off the heat and keep the Pan covered with lid. Let the Eggs rest in hot water in a covered Pan
  5. We have taken 3 bowls filled with cold water and each bowl labelled appropriately
  6. a) We will transfer one of the Eggs from hot water after 4 mins in first bowl-Soft boiled
  7. b) We will transfer one of the Eggs from hot water after 8 mins in second bowl-Medium boiled
  8. c) We will transfer one of the Eggs from hot water after 12 mins in third bowl-Hard boiled
  9. We can leave the eggs in cold water for about 10 mins
  10. Putting boiled eggs in cold water stops the process of cooking.
  11. Overcooking eggs forms a green ring on yolks. Egg yolk is a rich source of Iron and Sulphur and this greenish ring is ferrous sulphide ring formed due to over cooking.
  12. Though such eggs are safe for consumption but its appearance is unappealing
  13. Overcooking also means that Egg whites become too hard and rubbery
  14. Thirdly, putting boiled eggs in cold water leads to its shells coming off quite easily
  15. So always put the boiled eggs in cold water
  16. We have peeled all the eggs. Let's check the difference in texture in these 3 types
  17. Soft boil Egg has a) White=soft b) Yolk=Very Soft and runny
  18. Medium boil Egg has a) White=well set and firm b) Yolk=Soft and Creamy
  19. Hard boil Egg has a) White=Firm b) Yolk=Firm
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